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3 Steps to Work that Matters

Online Program

Self-paced and financially flexible, our our online courses increase engagement, productivity, and leadership skills. This option is ideal for large or geographically-distributed teams.

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Hybrid Program

Our hybrid program adds in-person facilitation and team building sessions to our online e-learning courses. It is designed to accelerate outcomes as well as create a shared learning and team-building experience.

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1:1 Coaching

Move from functional to optimal through 1:1 leadership and executive coaching.

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The courses allowed for the development language amongst team members which makes interactions much more personal and productive. The benefits to the team have borne out in ways that I would not have anticipated.  The positive attitudes amongst colleagues is palpable.

Adam Reuther

What I appreciated most about this course is the abundance of science based tools that provided a “how” as opposed to only making a case for a concept as many online courses and books do. If you are a leader and want to make a positive impact on the culture of your organization, I highly recommend going through the program as a group which creates shared learning, common language and peer support for new behaviors.

Greg Barrett