Online training + On-Site Workshops



3 Steps to Work that Matters

Psychologist Barbara Fredrickson and mathematician Marcial Losada found that work teams with a positive-to-negative interaction ratio of greater than 3:1 were significantly more productive than workgroups that did not reach this ratio.

Our hybrid programs are well suited for teams that can benefit from a shared learning and team-building experience. With two options to suit your organization’s needs, the hybrid program combines e-learning with on-site reinforcement to accelerate outcomes.

Preferred Hybrid Program:

  • A shared learning and team-building experience
  • Train-the-trainer instruction that empowers an on-site facilitator to reinforce and amplify the impact of our online modules
  • Complete package of materials, activities and learning aids that allow the on-site facilitator to be effective and confident Day 1
  • Enhances team bonding and increases team members’ trust
  • Provides built-in accountability

Premier Hybrid Program:

  • Includes the features of the preferred hybrid program and adds professional coaching and adds an onsite kickoff program introduction.
  • On-site sessions are customized to your organizations needs and delivered by LanguageOfHappiness coaches
  • Provides and opportunity to get a feel of the program in a safe and positive environment
  • Creates excitement and breaks resistance
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