Positive Psychology in the Work Place

Why implement Positive Psychology in the work place?

by Lori Lander in Engagement, Work Life
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If a business or organization wants to achieve long-term success, promoting positive psychology in the workplace is necessary.
The advent of technology has changed how we work, including how we perform in the workplace. Changes include globalization and more intense competition. In order to keep up with the competition and the fast-paced world that we live in today, organizations need to rely more heavily on innovation, creativity and capitalize on the unique personal and intellectual strengths of its employees.

Creativity, innovation, organizational growth, and success, however, are less likely to be achieved if the employees themselves are not motivated to work. According to research, certain psychological behaviors are linked to greater organizational results. Positive emotions can lead to greater work fulfillment, increased motivation, and the ability to cope with uncertainty and stress. In addition, a positive attitude will help with emotional resilience and buffer negativity in the workplace.
Undeniably, positive psychology is necessary in the workplace.

What is Positive Psychology? 

Positive Psychology refers to an applied approach to human’s optimal functioning and is grounded in the belief that humans strive towards leading fulfilling and meaningful lives, cultivating the best within themselves, and increasing positive experiences at work and play.

How to Create and Promote Positive Psychology in the Workplace

  • Be Thankful. Expressing gratitude with the smallest of gestures speaks volumes! This especially holds true for those who are having a hard time at work.
  • Recognize and Appreciate Performance. Employees who are holding a higher position should learn how to recognize the achievements of the people that they manage. Employees tend to become more enthusiastic and motivated to work and perform at a higher level if they know that their efforts are recognized and appreciated.
  • Small Success is always worth a celebration – Celebrating should not only be for big successes. Even the smallest achievements are worth a celebration!
  • Concentrate on the present – It is the nature of other people to focus on the past, which likely compromise their daily activities and their productivity. Indeed, various things in life can drag an individual down, which in turn hinders success. Therefore, it is always important to learn to let go of the past and be mindful of the present.

“The better your brain is at using its energy to focus on the positives, the greater your chances at success” ~ Shawn Achor 

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