enhance engagement, productivity and leadership

 Flexible, self-paced and budget friendly web-based program.

Ideal for large teams as well as a geographically distributed workforce.

Our web-based 7-week program, based on the scientific field of positive psychology, will teach you how to enhance engagement, productivity and leadership skills by increasing happiness and meaning in and outside the workplace.

7 E-learning modules as well as offline activities and downloadable material to reinforce what is learned online.

Topics include:

  • Happiness and engagement myths and the real truth
  • How the questions that you ask yourself and others impact your work and leadership skills on a daily basis
  • The correlation between happiness and success
  • A new perspective on goal setting and accomplishments
  • How to enhance your sense of meaning and purpose
  • Identifying limiting beliefs and roadblocks
  • How to overcome procrastination
  • Neuroplasticity –  your brain can physically change
  • Fixed vs. growth mindset and the impact on your leadership
  • How your unique strengths help you thrive
  • Your “job” vs. your “calling”

Course Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Lead a happier and more engaged team
  • Create a personalized roadmap with meaningful goals that you can follow and complete
  • Replace limiting habits with constructive ones.
  • Learn to leverage both success and failure
  • Establish common language and concepts that build engagement and excitement at work
  • Ability to identify and leverage natural strengths to drive engagement and business outcome

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